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There was a recent article in the telegraph regarding how depressed clients are turning to the internet for ‘Skypotherapy.’

Psychological therapy has come a long way since the therapist’s couch or the Freudian chaise longue era. Traditional face to face therapy is no longer the norm in terms of delivering psychological therapies, and therapy is now being offered in ways which are keeping up with the fast moving technologically advanced world in which we live in.

Many therapists are now offering therapy over the telephone and increasingly now online via mediums such as skype and facetime, no longer restricting clients to a certain time and venue, but now providing people with the opportunity to access therapy where ever they are in the world and in ways which are perhaps more convenient for people. Needless to say there are pro and cons of this new way of providing therapy and the fact that offering people more choice and convenience surely is a positive thing. This is perhaps the most significant positive aspect of ‘teletherapy’ or ‘skypotherapy.’ For others therapy over the telephone or internet is perhaps more private and so having therapy in the comfort of one’s home is certainly a more desirable option.

For those who are not keen on these new ways of offering therapy the main reason for this is that teletherapy or online therapy removes a very important part of any psychological therapy, which is the face to face contact with a therapist which perhaps enhances the therapy working relationship between the client and therapist. Many therapists argue there is just something that is more ‘therapeutic’ about the therapy room and the face to face contact and body language that accompanies this traditional method of therapy. This traditional way of providing therapy is also safeguarded from technical problems which are very common with the internet and which would affect the continuity and consistency of therapy.

Much research has been done into the benefits of online therapy and that many people do benefit from it. Regardless of some of the negative aspects to online therapy many therapists are providing clients with more convenience and flexibility and many clients seem to be keen to try these newer methods. The dawn of the ‘less traditional’ ways of delivering therapy therefore may have just begun.

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