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At CBT Therapy UK we work alongside insurers to provide CBT assessments for insurance purposes in relation to personal injury claims and employment tribunals, among other types of insurance claims. We understand the urgency in relation to insurance claims and so we work quickly and effectively to provide quick but thorough professional CBT-based psychotherapy reports to confirm the validity of any claims for insurance purposes. Our service is always tailored to each client’s specific and individual needs, and so we can work together with you to ensure reliable and trustworthy CBT-based reports by qualified and fully trained CBT therapists.

We will allocate the most suitable therapist to your case to carry out a full assessment of the client, and will follow up the assessment with a report giving our honest expert opinion

CBT Therapy UK is dedicated to it’s clients’ needs and we therefore work efficiently and effectively, providing assessments and therapy sessions within pre-agreed timeframes. We will regularly communicate with you throughout assessment and therapy and upon request provide high quality reports that are tailored and specific to each individual’s case.

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